Many people can reflect back on certain foods and think to themselves "Whenever I eat ___________, I notice I feel bloated and groggy." The truth is, food allergies, or more specifically food sensitivities, are very common and can create many different types of symptoms.

First, what is a food allergy? A food allergy is an abnormal response of your immune system to a food trigger.

In short, your body's cells recognize different foods by a marker on the microscopic surface of foods- known as an antigen. In some instances, the body reacts by starting inflammatory pathways and an immune response once the body recognizes a specific antigen. This can accumulate over time, and can lead to real symptoms.

The Two Types of Immune Response Most Common In Food Allergies- IgE vs. IgG r...

Chiropractic care offers exactly that. For acute pain, or overuse type injuries without a specific cause, we can identify the source of the pain with our examination, determine what structures are related, and correct the mechanical faults that are creating the discomfort. All while using conservative treatment techniques that carry very low risks of side effects, which even still are minimal.


Chiropractic care has better outcomes in regards to lower back injuries than opiod prescription, and back surgery. Of course chiropractic care is a non invasive treatment that relies on restoring normal motion to the joints of the spine and relieving muscle tension in associated areas to correct the problem and relieve irritation from the nerves. Check out this graphic below ab...

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